We are family; I have all my dogs with me..... 💖

Pet ownership offers so many benefits for our physical and emotional health. After a long and difficult day, nothing can compare to the unconditional love you receive from your dog.

In fact, research has shown that pets can decrease both blood pressure, anxiety, and perhaps even boost immunity. While you may feel like just another number in the big, wide world, to your pet – you ARE their world.

Having a dog is loads of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. From regular exercise to a healthy diet, regular vet visits, training, and more, there are a lot of things to consider – and always something new to learn throughout your journey as a pet parent. With the recent news of RSPCA’s closing this is putting extra pressure on dog owners to find the right insurance.

For new dog owners a healthy diet can be a minefield; our ethos is a raw and natural diet is what dogs are meant to eat. We are happy to help and advise; most importantly we never judge you whatever you choose to feed your dog.

If an illness, allergy or any other issue arises Natural Supplements definitely have their place in the market. Natural remedies have helped humans and animals for numerous years; longer than my lifetime. Recently we have seen so many success stories from our recommendations some of these dogs are fed raw and others have other diet types. We are happy to help whatever diet your dog is on; our love for dogs doesn’t stop because of what is in their bowl.....

If you need to change your dog’s diet for any reason, remember to do this slowly and carefully. Sudden changes in food can cause stomach upsets, so you need to gradually introduce the new food to them and phase out the old food.

Exercise is essential for your dogs; a lot of our customers compete in Agility or use this as a fun way to bond with their pets. Also Hoopers and enrichment training are also amazing for your dogs health. Using their brain and burning off energy. On hot days it is really important not to let your dog get heatstroke or sunburn keep them inside and cool. Enrichment training is great to do inside with your dogs 🐶

We want happy, healthy dogs and we can help you every step of the way. If we don’t have the answers then we have nutritionist’s, dog trainers and behaviourist’s that we highly recommend who can give you the answers that you need.