Some of our most asked questions about Raw.....

Our ethos is to only sell raw dog food diets that we feed our own dogs and only deal with companies that we know and trust.  All the meat and fish products featured are from human grade sources.

We appreciate that the subject of what to feed your four legged friend can be a very emotive one, and strongly encourage people to do their own research on the B.A.R.F. diet,  with an open mind and reach their own conclusions.

Dogs are incredibly versatile animals and can survive on all sorts of diets, whether they are cooked, raw or anywhere in between. Pet food is a minefield with so many options for us owners to choose from. We believe that a raw diet is the very best for your pets as this is what they were born to eat. As a small business we get to know most of our furry customers and we love that we can do this so we know their needs and what they enjoy.

We are often asked the following questions:-

Is my pets poo ok?

White – This would suggest too much bone in the last meal (if it’s a one off) or if it’s a regular thing then in the diet in general.

Runny – There are lots of reasons for runny poo. Initially your dog may be detoxing from the previous kibble diet, he/she may have picked up a bug or there may not be enough bone in their diet. If this happens regularly then it’s probably the latter and this needs to be addressed by adding more bone.

Your pets poo should be small, firm and far less smelly than it was previously when kibble fed. This is one of the many joys of raw feeding. Much easier to pick up and far more pleasant to deal with.

Can we add fruit & vegetable?

Yes - please do. If you are unsure if dogs can have the item please always check.

Can I mix the suppliers now my dog is raw fed?

Yes - you can mix suppliers, proteins and add extras to your dogs meals. The 80-10-10 is a baseline to follow. Every pet is an individual so some may need more bone etc....

Trust your judgement you know your pet the best.

My pet isn’t drinking as much - is this ok?

Yes! A natural raw diet is made up of 80% meat. Most meats contain around 75% moisture and so are much more hydrating than kibble. So, yes, this is completely normal.

Can I feed my dog whole bones?

Yes - uncooked bones as great for dogs especially their teeth. The size of a bone that we would recommend really depends on the size of the dog. Large weight bearing bones are too much for your dogs teeth and they may crack. For smaller dogs we would recommend chicken necks, duck necks etc..

Medium to Large dogs we would recommend Turkey Necks, Marrowbone, Lamb necks etc

Can I feed a mix of kibble & raw food?

Our recommendation is no; that being said if that’s what you want to feed your pet then we pass no judgement on this. Mixing kibble with raw at the same feeding unless doing a temporary, slow transition. They each digest at different rates. Raw only takes 4-6 hours to digest while kibble takes 8-10 hours. If fed together, the kibble may slow down the digestive process, potentially causing the raw to be held in the digestive system for twice as long as it should be. This may create gas and other issues. If you want to continue feeding both raw and kibble, feed one in the morning and one at night so the raw has a chance to pass through before the digestive tract has to deal with the slower digesting kibble.

There is no denying that the raw food diet for dogs and cats is fast becoming a much more popular choice for those seeking a healthy, happy and active pet. Humans are becoming more aware of the benefits of a raw and natural diet this enables them to see first hand the difference it makes.

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe.

Raw Galore Ltd