Smile we are offering a discount.....

We hope that you are adapting well to the ease of lockdown. Our shop is back open and we couldn’t be happier to have our customers back in.

The shop is back to our normal opening hours, local deliveries are still the same and U.K. wide courier deliveries are back to being shipped Monday-Thursday.

We have added quite a few new items to our shop which are great; the CBD biscuits which we have trailed on our new addition 2 year old Belle. They have made such a difference to her anxiety and stress levels, she is so much more relaxed and happy.

We have a new range of Anco treats in store these are proving to be extremely popular 🤩. They are all available on our website.

Our bundle deals are proving to be very popular which we are pleased about!

We have 2 new flavours from The Dogs Butcher coming to our freezers; Lamb Tripe & Rabbit complete & Rabbit, Beef & Turkey complete.

Furry Feasts, Naturaw, Raw Made Simple and The Dogs Butcher are being delivered next week but don’t worry we have a good level of stock.

The important bit.......

Use code OUTAGAIN to get 10% off your online order. Any orders over £35 will receive a free pack of frozen bones; your options are beef ribs, marrowbone, beef trachea’s, ducks necks, turkey necks, lamb necks.