Raw dog food & supplements. It’s kind of magic....

Another week is upon us and we are back to our normal hours. Click and Collects, UK wide deliveries and social distancing local deliveries are all still the same the only difference is the shop is open again. 🥳

We got a little carried away with our title but a raw diet is what dogs were born to eat and enjoy.

A raw fed dog stands out by the shine on their coat and the gleam from their teeth. A big bonus is less output and more solid - now what dog owner wouldn’t be pleased about that??

The benefits inside your dog are even better!! Raw fed dogs live longer, suffer less from allergies, infections and common illnesses.

The best bit for us other than all the benefits for our dogs is to have fun with your dogs meals. There is so much you can add - we encourage children to get involved picking fruit, vegetable, kefir and other items for the dogs. On this note we do not recommend children handling the raw meat.

Have fun and be creative - we are always happy to give you some suggestions if you are unsure what you can give.

Have a great week - don’t forget to get your orders in for delivery & Click n Collect

Raw Galore