Only the best.....

Another week is upon us in this crazy situation. We have been enjoying the extra time with our dogs, training them, playing with them and feeding them what they are born to eat....

We are fully stocked with all our amazing brands of raw dog food.

2 new flavours of Raw Made Simple are now in our freezers ready for your dogs to enjoy; Chicken, Salmon & Lamb & White Fish & Chicken.

We are now a stocking of Incr-Edible CBD oil for your dogs & cats....

Pizzles are back in stock - don’t forget to take advantage of our Natural treat pick n mix for your dogs. These are so popular. JR pure sticks are also fully stocked up.

For the moment everything is staying the same with us. We are open for click n collects Monday 4-6pm, Tuesday & Friday 9-11am.

UK wide orders are being dispatched Monday - Wednesday. So please get these in as soon as you can. We are on the road all week with our personal door to door deliveries.

We miss you all and your dogs - hopefully things will be back to normal soon. As always stay safe; we are hear to help if you need us.

Raw Galore 😊🐾