Natural Dog Treats

At the moment there is a bulk load of commercial treats on pet food isles but 99.9% of them aren’t healthy for dogs long term, they all contribute to dental injuries, blockages, perforations, obesity and diabetes!

So we wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about “safer” treats for long term feeding, see this list below:



Puffed Chicken Feet

Duck Necks

Venison Sausages

Blackpudding Sausages

Puffed Pig Snout

Furry Rabbit Ears

Rabbit Hides with Fur

Cow Ears

Pigs Ears

Been Tendons

Venison Tendon

Porkie Bites

Beef Wand

Now these may look like ingredients for a witches cauldron but we can assure you these treats are far superior health wise than any commercial treat and are fully digestible, these aren’t without risk and monitoring is always encouraged especially if your dogs a gulper or aggressive chewer. All our treats are responsibly and ethically sourced from DEFRA registered suppliers. We do not bulk buy from China - these treats are cheaper but most definitely not worth the saving.

Thankfully there are stores like Raw Galore Ltd who sell treat boxes, in fact the above list is an example of what they sell, these are retailing at £15. To grab yours click here: