Making meal times more fun..

Are you stuck in the same old routine when it comes to feeding your dog? Making meal times more fun or challenging is a brilliant way of keeping your dog interested. Commonly referred to as “feeding enrichment”, these fun food games can reduce the amount of air swallowed whilst eating (reducing chances of bloat and other gastric complications), slow down their food consumption, add an extra challenge or game into their day, entertain their busy brain, and strengthen your bond with your dog in the process. We have been busy today making beef trachea sushi - this is a great way to make your dog work for their food, feed products that you wouldn’t normally include and even to hide medications when necessary.

We have used the Paleo Ridge beef trachea from their DIY range. Stuffed some food in one, Henley Raw Nature’s Harvest Superfood in another, added fruit, natural yoghurt and a new item to our shop the amazing bee pollen granules. All the contents can be bought from us other than the fruit which we use from our own home.

Our dogs really enjoyed the variety and had to work to for their food as trachea’s take that bit longer for your dog to eat.

Henley Raw Nature’s Harvest comes in 500g a great way to get the best value for money from this and Paleo Ridge Berry Good is to freeze the remaining content and feed over different meals and days. This way you have no wasted supplement or money.

Have fun with your dogs diet; variety is key. Ask other family members for their ideas too.