It’s a great day to shop online...

Another week is upon us in these crazy unsure times. We hope that you are staying safe.

It is proven that Sunday evenings and Mondays are the most popular days to shop online. We are fully stocked with our amazing raw food suppliers. Our freezers are full of DIY items, bone broth, raw goats milk, bones and more..

We will be releasing our Christmas selection on 1st November. Yes we mentioned the C word 😂.

Naturaw, Furry Feasts & The Dogs Butcher orders will be in this week.

We have treats aplenty and are fully stocked on the amazing Proflax range including the 1L bottles.

Baby chicks are back in stock.

As it currently stands we are in a tier 2 area and we are able to stay open. Should this change we will keep you updated.

Have a great week.

Raw Galore