Is a chew, just a chew?

In the commercial pet food industry there’s many different chews available from Baked / Roasted/Smoked Bones to dyed and various shapes of Rawhide. Many of us in the world buy these on autopilot due to aesthetic appearance, the nostalgic pet shop smell from childhood and the simple fact they’re on pet food aisles and your grans have been feeding them for years so they must be safe right?

Well like us at one point, we presume 99.9% of consumers also think that way too until something bad happens such as blockage/choking catastrophes and then people start to raise awareness.

As baked/roasted bones and rawhide are the most common chews , we'll explain why they’re dangerous and should ideally be taken off the aisles.

Baked/Roasting/Smoked Bones

These are simply dangerous because they’re brittle (break too easy, can splinter and cause dental injuries, Those pieces that don’t cause dental injuries can be choked on or swallowed and cause impactions/perforations, severe constipation and death.

They’re also higher in sodium, excess sodium can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, depression, tremors, high temperature, and seizures. It may even cause death.


Rawhide is extremely popular as it’s cheap and has a long shelf life, it’s also available in many colours, shapes and sizes, when people give their dogs variations of rawhide they believe it provides enrichment which isn’t the case other then the therapeutic side of the actual motion of chewing. The downside to rawhide is that it’s not governed under any food safety regulations because it’s not a food, it’s a byproduct of the clothing industry (leather) this alone screams avoid! These are also laced with chemicals during processing for pathogenic reasons and to provide “Flavour”/ Scent to entice dogs to chew them.

So what are the better options?

Thankfully there are many better alternatives when it comes to dog chews, these are the natural types, chemical free just simply dehydrated meats/organs.

Pictured above you’ll see Callie, a Collie Cross (Heinz 57) being offered a dehydrated cows ear, yes you read that right!

I know what you're thinking, we thought the very same thing when we first looked into natural chews!

However the more you think about it, the more it makes sense, it also gives purpose to such human waste as we humans don’t typically eat cows ears although some cultures in countries such as south africa and mexico for example do eat the entire head.


The benefits of dehydrated cows ears are similar to rabbit ears but due to the size they make better toothbrushes, the longer the chew, the more abrasion for the teeth!

The fur is also a great source of manganese(Aids joint support, helps them utilise proteins/carbs for energy) andfibre (supports healthy bowel movements and helps to remove any dead parasites too). If your dog has an intolerance/allergy to Beef then venison and rabbit ears will do, we’d just give them more frequently for larger dogs.

Dental health is so important for our pets, their diet really does affect their teeth so we need to add appropriate and safe teeth cleaning treats to their diet at least twice a week, natural treats aren’t without risks, your dogs still need monitoring. Although the treats are 100% digestible , some dogs can still be greedy and swallow things whole!

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