The proof is in the bowl.....

Seen this on another page:- I think this proves our ethos. 🐶💞

Don’t forget to order your dogs raw feeding items. Any orders received before 11am tomorrow will be delivered on Tuesday 18th February 🐾🐶🚚 Mia (26) is a Toy Poodle from the UK that was weaned to raw. "Mia is a participant in the Long Living Pets raw feeding study. "Although she is slowing down, she’s still active at times, she’s never been vaccinated and I don’t use chemical flea and wormers, she’s raw fed Paleoridge." My comment: In my opinion, Mia reached this age due to the diet (raw food) and minimal exposure to toxins and chemicals. Vaccines being the worst (in my opinion). This promotes homeostasis and the body is well protected from dis-ease and premature aging. I have stated many times that dogs can live into their 20s and even late 30s when provided the right environment. We brought these animals from a healthy natural environment into living in a modern environment out of sync with their genetic heritage which sets the stage for physiological dissonance. The more distant our animals are from an earth-centered lifestyle the more out of balance they become. They are descended from ancestors who were perfectly adapted to their immediate surroundings. Their genetic legacy lives on in them, which is intimately connected with the earth, its seasons, and its resources. If we can close this gap we can enjoy pets living long healthy lives. One advantage we have is that we can provide a steady supply of good food and protect them from dangers they would face daily in the wild. #raw #rawfood #rawfoodfordogs #rawfeeder #rawfeeders #rawfeedersofinstagram #rawfeddog #rawfeddogsofinstagram #rawpetfood #rawdogfood #rawfoodfordogs #speciesappropriate #knowthydogfeedraw #toypoodlesofinstagram #toypoodlelove 

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