Foody Friday

We are celebrating the amazing results of the natural diet that our dogs eats and thrive on.

We have a great range available in store & online.

Our raw feeding journey started 6 years ago - but our other family members started before us. So when our new dogs were introduced into our family that for us was the only option. We had seen first hand the benefits of raw feeding.

We enjoyed learning, researching, buying and introducing our dogs to different proteins and just watching them thrive. Each day was a different meal, protein and mix nothing was the same. One thing we can say is that your dog will love you for changing, on that we are sure! The raw feeding community on social media were so helpful on our journey, many owners had reported that feeding a balanced raw diet helped with a variety of different issues. 

With Blake it was a very sensitive tummy and environmental allergies. With Bane it was skin issues mainly.

We love that we learn more daily and that we can see a difference in our customers dogs that have transitioned to a raw diet.

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