Why fed a Raw & Natural Diet?

At Raw Galore we believe that a raw, natural diet is best for our dogs - benefiting everything from their coat and teeth to their overall wellbeing.

It is easier for dogs to digest. Plus, there's none of the added sugar, bulkers or derivatives found in some pet foods, that can cause our pets digestive issues.

We stock a wide range of raw bones & long lasting natural treats that are a great natural way to add to your dogs dental care. A tasty, healthy choice to help clean teeth, provide entertainment and freshen breath.

It also promotes more stable energy levels and less hyperactivity as it is all natural; no nasty extras.

It is proven to have a reduction of allergies and intolerances which includes a reduction in inflammatory issues such as skin conditions or joint inflammation and flactulance. Also the poo is much easier to manage which is a massive bonus!!

We are always happy to help whether it be advice on allergies, transitioning or a natural supplement to help with aliments!!

We have seen the difference this has made to our own personal dogs and other dogs within the Raw Galore family 🐾🐶

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