Introducing Blake, one of the members of the Raw Galore family

Raw Food for dogs

Please meet Blake, a three-year-old English Bull terrier & a key member of the Raw Galore family. He has successfully transitioned onto a raw diet and has been thriving ever since.

How has Raw Food helped Blake?

Blake previously suffered from not only a very sensitive digestive system, but also severe joint and skin issues, since he has been eating Raw food his stomach has settled completely and his joints, skin and general health has improved dramatically for the better!

What are Lintbells YuMove?

Lintbells YuMove are a natural supplement which Blake uses, they help dogs with joint issues and improve general wellbeing.

When Blake was only 9 weeks old he broke his rear left tibia bone, after a little TLC and taking Lintbells YuMove he recovered very quickly and he still takes these tablets to this day to help prevent injury.

Blake’s other treatments

We use Billy No Mates for flea and tick prevention and he is wormed monthly using the completely natural Verm X liquid.

Blake’s skin condition is treated not only from the inside with Raw food but also on the outside with Neem Soap used on his body, this product is extremely effective in clearing up his skin issues without scarring.

As Blake is predominantly a white dog he needs protecting from the sun, Aniwell natural pet suncream factor 50 is perfect for keeping him safe and preventing any burning decreasing any developing skin cancer.

Blake’s Character

Blake is a very cheeky, playful boy that doesn’t know his own strength, he keeps us on our toes & life would be boring without him.

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