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    • How many times a day should you feed your dog?

      This is another question that receives a lot of controversial opinions and it’s really down the owners discretion/the individual dog. A Dogs’ nutritional intake alters throughout their life stages, many dog owners will notice phased of dogs “going off their food” and they panic and switch out foods or add things in to entice their dog to eat but these phases are perfectly natural, as a dog grows and develops through life they will go through numerous stages where they will self fast/reduce their calorie intake to regulate their metabolism, it’s perfectly normal stop panicking! Regardless of diet, many owners feed dogs two or three times a day plus treats and that's because we treat dogs like family, well more like children so we adapt that same logic of rearing, however this a big factor why canine obesity and/or diabetes is such a pandemic right now, as current statistics show 50%+ of Dogs globally are obese/overweight! The common rule of thumb for feeding Dogs throughout their life stage would be this: Age Meals Per Day 4 Weeks -4 Months - 4 4-6 Months - 3 6+ Months - 2 However ideally it should look more like this: Age Meals Per Day 4 Weeks -4 Months - 4 4-6 Months - 2 6+ Months - 1 The optimum frequency of food for healthy dogs 6 months plus would one meal a day, this puts the body into a fasted state and lets the body put energy into growth and development rather than digest an abundance of food. Intermittent fasting also helps regulate their metabolism, reduces inflammation and strengthens the immune system as the Gut is allowed to function at an optimum level which has been shown to contribute to the improvement of their behaviour and ability to train according to behaviourists and trainers that have noticed a significant difference! Some dogs simply cannot be fed once a day as they may suffer from “Bilious Vomiting Syndrome” (Hunger Pukes) but this typically occurs when their caloric needs aren’t being met in the meal that's being fed or their metabolism burns through calories quicker than the average dog, however this doesn’t mean they can’t go into a fasted state, these dog‘s can still be fed twice a day and still intermittent fast, they just need a minimum of a 16 hour gap before the last and first meal, Example: Day Time Monday - 8am Monday - 4pm Tuesday - 8am Tuesday - 4pm You’ll see here they get a 16 hour gap between 4pm and 8am the following day, this window can be altered to change your needs, such as work commitments but this is sufficient to support their immune system too! Between the hours of 8am and 4pm you can feed their meals and any training treats between. Remember this applies to healthy dogs 6 months +! This will be surprising to read but the evidence of intermittent fasting to support dogs on a cellular level is overwhelming , it’s also biologically appropriate to them. Let me explain, Although they aren’t Wolves , Dogs do share 98%+ of their DNA with them, they are anatomically similar and their nutrient requirements are the same. Even the modern wild canids like Wolves, Foxes, Dingoes and Coyotes are also natural fasters, they have the ability to go without food for several days, it’s a feast or famine survival metabolism but if prey isn’t sparse they’d naturally intermittent fast they’d never over eat just because they could. Fun Facts: Wild Canids are very well connected and in control of eco management of their environment and know the repercussions of over hunting the lands, I’m sure you’ve seen the pride lands after the Hyenas over hunt when Scar takes over? This is what can happen when lands are over hunted, a brilliant message by the creators. This is exactly why Wild Canids are being reintroduced to areas following the success of introducing Wolves to Yellowstone National Park in 1995, it was clear to see we humans simply cannot replicate the management of the lands that Wild Canids like Wolves can provide. They even changed the behaviour of Rivers, many species would become extinct if it wasn’t for the contribution of Wild Canids and their eating patterns! Anyway, I've digressed. This just shows how we don’t give Dog’s the credit they deserve, they don’t need to be fed multiple times a day and we can actually do more harm than good by allowing them to. This brings me to another common method “free feeding” , this is similar to cows grazing. Some people just put a week's worth of dry foods in a trough-like holder and their dog(s) can help themselves whenever they like. For those out there that “free feed” , it’s really not ideal especially if you’re feeding dry foods because the longer dry foods are sat in the bowl oxidising, fungi like aflatoxins can begin to fester and this can be toxic/fatal to your dog if consumed, i’m sure you’ve seen the recent pet food recalls due to this being present in some foods and killing 70+ dogs in America/Canada. Free feeding also makes you unable to know if your dog has lost their appetite, this can be an alarm that something may be wrong with them and if there was something up with them, the earlier you seek Veterinary attention the better! This is just one of the ways we should be tackling canine obesity, we need to stop overfeeding out of love, as Dr Richard Patton says pets can be “ruined by excess and perfected by lack!” We hope this answers your question, remember if you’re ever unsure then please consult with your Veterinarian.

    • Is a chew, just a chew?

      In the commercial pet food industry there’s many different chews available from Baked / Roasted/Smoked Bones to dyed and various shapes of Rawhide. Many of us in the world buy these on autopilot due to aesthetic appearance, the nostalgic pet shop smell from childhood and the simple fact they’re on pet food aisles and your grans have been feeding them for years so they must be safe right? Well like us at one point, we presume 99.9% of consumers also think that way too until something bad happens such as blockage/choking catastrophes and then people start to raise awareness. As baked/roasted bones and rawhide are the most common chews , we'll explain why they’re dangerous and should ideally be taken off the aisles. Baked/Roasting/Smoked Bones These are simply dangerous because they’re brittle (break too easy, can splinter and cause dental injuries, Those pieces that don’t cause dental injuries can be choked on or swallowed and cause impactions/perforations, severe constipation and death. They’re also higher in sodium, excess sodium can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, depression, tremors, high temperature, and seizures. It may even cause death. Rawhide Rawhide is extremely popular as it’s cheap and has a long shelf life, it’s also available in many colours, shapes and sizes, when people give their dogs variations of rawhide they believe it provides enrichment which isn’t the case other then the therapeutic side of the actual motion of chewing. The downside to rawhide is that it’s not governed under any food safety regulations because it’s not a food, it’s a byproduct of the clothing industry (leather) this alone screams avoid! These are also laced with chemicals during processing for pathogenic reasons and to provide “Flavour”/ Scent to entice dogs to chew them. So what are the better options? Thankfully there are many better alternatives when it comes to dog chews, these are the natural types, chemical free just simply dehydrated meats/organs. Pictured above you’ll see Callie, a Collie Cross (Heinz 57) being offered a dehydrated cows ear, yes you read that right! I know what you're thinking, we thought the very same thing when we first looked into natural chews! However the more you think about it, the more it makes sense, it also gives purpose to such human waste as we humans don’t typically eat cows ears although some cultures in countries such as south africa and mexico for example do eat the entire head. . The benefits of dehydrated cows ears are similar to rabbit ears but due to the size they make better toothbrushes, the longer the chew, the more abrasion for the teeth! The fur is also a great source of manganese(Aids joint support, helps them utilise proteins/carbs for energy) andfibre (supports healthy bowel movements and helps to remove any dead parasites too). If your dog has an intolerance/allergy to Beef then venison and rabbit ears will do, we’d just give them more frequently for larger dogs. Dental health is so important for our pets, their diet really does affect their teeth so we need to add appropriate and safe teeth cleaning treats to their diet at least twice a week, natural treats aren’t without risks, your dogs still need monitoring. Although the treats are 100% digestible , some dogs can still be greedy and swallow things whole! For a full list of our natural treats head over to And get them in your basket! Remember it’s Pet Dental Health Month, so we’ve decided to offer 10% off on all Natural Chews. Just add “Dental” at the checkout

    • Why variety is key!

      Many argue against this one which us understandable as the research/ studies into this is still unknown but it’s said that balance over time is created by variety! From a calorific point of view, all proteins contain different levels of calories depending on the level of fats within, Lamb being a fattier meat than chicken. So it's fair to say “Hypothetically” if you were following the Bodyweight % feeding method and are feeding 3% of your dog's Bodyweight (per day) in chicken, the chicken would contain far less calories than lamb, so if you fed predominantly lamb your dog/cat may gain weight on 3% but if you fed predominantly chicken your dog/cat could lose weight on 3% this is why variety can help with weight management if you’re feeding using the bodyweight % method as 3% from a 50/50 split of chicken and lamb could let your dog maintain their weight. (At the end of the day it’s Calories in Vs Calories out, with various mitigating factors this was just a Hypothetical example of why variety is important) Now lets go from a bioactive compound perspective, Bioactive compounds are elements of foods that contribute towards bodily function in a positive way, a couple examples which i'm sure you’ve come across especially if bodybuilding enthusiasts: Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which is an omega 6 (Helps with weight management), Taurine(Essential for heart health) and Creatine (Helps build muscle and speeds up recovery post exercise) Every food item you can think of has bioactive compounds, the above listed are from meat sources only and every animal (Whole Prey) has different levels of these bioactive compounds, even within their own body which is why whole prey is superior for achieving balance! This is why we’d recommend you feed a bare minimum of 5 animal proteins (1 being fish) and adding in some fresh fruits, vegetables , herbs and oils in rotation with the proteins, this helps tick these nutritional boxes and hit the aforementioned balance over time. However if you’re managing to feed allot more animal proteins than 5, i’d say 10+ (inclusive of fur/feathers) frequently rotated, then you may not need the plant based foods adding in, these are just a cost effective way of getting more variety in, There are some bioactive compounds in plants which dogs can utilise and plant based ingredients are cheaper than meats, so if money’s tight then rotate those fruits and vegetables in! Remember dogs have zero nutritional requirement for plant based carbohydrates , but as dogs are facultative carnivores, they can get all they needs from a varied meat based diet but statistics show that most raw fed dogs these days are deficient in Iodine, Magnesium, Manganese, Vitamin E/D3 ,Omega 3 this is due to several factors but commonly because most follow an 80/10/10 ratio which has been shown to be lacking in the above so to help get around this you would need to rotate things in such as Tinned Sardines (Omega 3/Vitamin D3), rabbit/cow ears with the fur (Manganese), vegetables such as Kale (Magnesium), Mussels (Iodine), Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Vitamin E). Plant based ingredients especially herbs pack a medicinal benefit to and are great to add in, so even as there’s no nutritional “Need” there most definitely still benefits to be gained by adding them in!

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    • Raw Meat Pet Food | Greater London | Raw Galore

      WELCOME TO RAW GALORE ​ ​ Contact Us WHAT WE DO ​ Our main aim is to provide your pet with a healthy natural diet and treats. We are an independent, family-run business; our main aim is to provide you with a perfect range of products for your pet. Our business isn’t sales driven, it is about delivering happiness to you and your pet. Instead, we’re focused on ensuring you have all the information and guidance you need to make informed choices about your pet’s diet. We specialise in all natural food, treats & supplement's for your pets. We solely stock raw complete meals & DIY items. Your satisfaction is very important to us. ​ Our mission has always been to offer a natural approach to pet care and promote better nutritional health for our pets. We handpick each supplier ourselves, so you can trust that every item has been chosen for its outstanding quality. Your pet's are our passion. We know that every pet is an individual and have worked with owner's who's pets have IDB, allergies, pancreatic issues and more. We offer a wide selection of products that are ideal for pets with health issues, because we appreciate this is often quite difficult to find. ​ We have a genuine love for animals and we work a lot with rescue dogs. If the rescue dog is suitable for our home environment we work along side rescue's with fostering dogs or advising natural remedies where possible. We are more than just a pet store; we do as much as we can to help animals in need. Every Christmas we donate treat packs & meals to the RAF police & military working dogs to give our 4 legged hero's a Christmas they deserve. ​ We are not vets or animal health professionals but we are very passionate about your pets health. We have years of experience feeding our own beloved pets on a raw and natural diet. ​ BENEFITS OF A RAW DIET The best for your furry friends Here at Raw Galore Ltd we work on the principle that dogs and cats are carnivores designed to eat raw meat and bones. Before they were our pets they lived on a diet of raw food and chose their own natural supplements. This means that their teeth, jaw structures, stomach acid PH and digestive system were made for the products that we supply. A raw diet is a tasty, naturally nourishing and extremely beneficial diet for our beloved furry friends. A higher percentage of food is digested so less waste resulting in less frequent, smaller and less smelly poo. They benefit from shiny coats, fresher breath, cleaner teeth and most of all they are happier, healthier and more energetic. The natural raw diet ranges that we offer are beneficial to pets with sensitive digestive systems or food intolerances. Probiotics are fantastic for gut health and for getting your dog’s stomach ready to transition from a processed/kibble based diet to a fresh, raw diet. Specifically raw unpasteurised goats milk & Kefir are great probiotic and contains lots of lovely healthy bacteria to set your dog up well. These healthy bacteria also need feeding so it’s a good idea to add in some fresh fruit & vegetables too. Pumpkin is a great addition to your pet's diet, this is also a great aid for an upset stomach. We have personal experience with how this natural way of feeding helped our beloved pets, including helping to cure a long term skin irritation and pancreatitis. HELP & ADVICE Always Available We can provide help & advice with changing your pet to raw feeding, food intolerances and natural supplements that could help your individual pet's needs. We were new raw feeders once and have learnt along the way. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us as we would be happy to help. RAW GALORE Door to Door We offer deliveries within 5 miles of our shop in Hampton, Middlesex for a small additional charge. We are also happy to arrange collections outside of our normal opening hours. Please just contact us and we will try our utmost to accommodate your request. NATURAL PRODUCTS Keep it Natural A healthy, varied raw diet should always come first, we offer a wide range of natural supplements to complement this. We supply supplements to complement our food range and also to treat specific aliments, e.g. joint & ligament pains, digestive problems, skin issues etc. Even our grooming products are made from natural materials. ABOUT US HEALTHY MEAL PLANS GET STARTED TODAY FOOD CALCULATOR "I highly recommend Raw Galore. All of the staff members are extremely professional, have excellent communication skills, and provide great service. I wouldn’t choose any other Raw Dog Food Delivery Service." Riley Jones WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU Send Your details were sent successfully!

    • Delivery Info | Raw Galore

      Delivery Information Delivering happiness to your pets Our local delivery service Raw Galore Door to Door Christmas Update:- Wednesday 23rd December is out last local delivery. These will resume on Monday 4th January 2021. ​ We offer free delivery for orders over £20 within 2 miles of our flagship store in Hampton TW12. Between 2-5 miles now has a small delivery charge of £3.50. We will receive a notification via our WIX app to advise you when your order will be delivered. The time frame is between 1-3 days depending on our routes. UK Wide Parcelforce delivery ​ Christmas Update:- Last courier deliveries will be dispatched on Tuesday 22nd December (Monday 21st for Scotland & Isle of Man). Deliveries will resume as normal on Monday 4th January 2021. ​ Web order timeframe: ​ ​ Orders placed between midnight Friday and Monday 12noon will sent out Monday for Tuesday delivery. Orders placed before 12 noon Tuesday will be sent on Tuesday for Wednesday delivery. Orders placed before 12 noon Wednesday will be sent out on Wednesday for Thursday delivery. Orders placed before 12 noon Thursday will be sent out on Thursday for Friday delivery. Orders placed after 12 noon Thursday will be sent on Monday for a Tuesday delivery ​ *Excluding Bank Holiday Mondays and Bank Holiday Fridays ​ Please Note: During busier periods, deliveries may take up to 48 hours to reach you. We cannot guarantee next day delivery. Your order is packaged in cool wool which keeps your order frozen for 36 hours. ​ Courier deliveries are made by Parcelforce and will arrive in a box with cool wool to keep your products frozen. They aim to deliver within 24 hours, but deliveries can sometimes can take up to 48 hours. We will only refund parcels if they haven’t been delivered within 72 hours.

    • Home | Raw Galore Raw Dog Food / Natural Supplements Stockist

      ABOUT US ABOUT RAW GALORE We are a family run business which gives us a grounded and loyal foundation for our company. We are all pet lovers and dog / cat owners. This foundation gives our company trust, loyalty and shared values. All our own pets are on raw diets. Our business is able to keep its edge in the market as we have three generations of close and extended family members that all play a part in the running of our business. This enables us to give all of our customers the best support and advice possible. We are not vets or animal health professionals but we are a friendly family run business who have years of experience of feeding our own beloved pets on a raw and natural diet. We do not sell any brands that add any manufactured supplements to their recipes as all the vitamins and minerals that are needed to maintain a healthy life can be found in the raw ingredients. RAW FEEDING IS Raw feeding is about feeding your furry friend exactly what they were built to eat and digest. Before they were our beloved pets they were wild animals that survived by hunting, killing and eating their prey. Raw feeding is our way of mimicking as closely as possible this diet. Dogs and their wolf cousins have been eating raw food for over a million years and they thrive on it. The health benefits are massive and proven. If your dog has any health issues a raw food diet could make a huge difference. Raw feeding is growing in popularity; but a lot of people think that it gory, bloody and that they need training in how to butcher the meals properly. Here at Raw Galore we make this as simple and civilised as possible. We offer complimentary feed packs that need bones or organs added, complete meals that nothing needs adding and we also stock day old chicks and other small whole prey animals. We are also going to be stocking fresh bone broth that includes apple cider vinegar that really compliments a raw diet. WHY RAW? FOOD CALCULATOR

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