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  • Your Dogs Water Bowl The hidden biohazard

    No not the cute dog; the water bowl! Have you ever felt the bowl after your dogs drank it? Have you felt that slime type substance on the surface? If you have then like many others you're probably wondering what it is, In simple terms it’s a biofilm, this is a surface layer of bacteria! This bacteria is home to both good and bad bacteria but the bad often outweighs the good. Bacteria such as Listeria, E. coli, and legionella call the biofilm home. This is why some dogs are getting sick of suffering with ailments such as but not limited to; Urinary Tract Infections(UTI’s) Bladder Infections Ear Infections Tear Stains Periodontal Disease Renal Failure Rashes Yeast Infections Many owners are simply topping the water bowl up each day which is fueling the growth of the bacteria, we must stress that this biofilm is often clear and cannot be seen so just because it looks clean does not mean that it is! It’s important to wash your dog's water bowl each day with hot soapy water. Other water sources It’s important to never let your dog drink from puddles or local bodys of water such as reservoirs, if you do you’re increasing the risk of your dog coming into contact with Leptospirosis and Giardia for example, along with parvovirus and even distemper! Remember some of these dogs are vaccinated against however it doesn’t stop them contracting, carrying and passing onto others!

  • Our Warning About Retractable Leads

    These leads can have their place, but full extension next to a road isn’t one of them. We know you’ve seen it too! Any experienced dog walker/trainer, will usually avoid these like the plague unless it’s the only option given by an owner when working with recall issues. Here’s a couple of risk factors involved: 1. Lacerations caused by tangles, to dogs and humans (Rope Style) 2. Burns 3. Snaps 4. Dislocated shoulders 5. Failed locking mechanism (leads to uncontrollable dogs) 6. Grip fail (Leads to the lead “chasing” the dog and and untrained or anxious dog will run for evermore) 7. Dental injuries (When dogs try to bite their leads) If these alone aren’t enough to put you off nothing will, but if you're set on using them then use the ribbon type, it removes some of the above risks. There are safer alternatives for recall training, such as long lines, lunge lines (used for horses) , we’d always recommend doing recall training in secure fields/areas. Never use these at full extension or even mid extension in public areas, you have ZERO control , even if your dog is “fine” what happens when a frantic dog comes running over in a park and they both end up with serious injuries due to entanglement? It’s just not worth the risk, therefore constantly having them on lock on the shortest setting makes the whole lead redundant, so choose a better one! We highly recommend Biothane Bert dog leads and collars. They offer a wide range of different leads which are perfect for your dog walks. Their website is Biothane... BioThane® is the brand name of all coated webbing products made by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp. It’s basically a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof and easy to clean Why do we use Biothane? Its incredibly strong: much stronger than leather and most other materials used for collars and leads Its stinkproof so no more collars that smell of c**p when your dog decides to roll in unmentionables Wipe clean: a quick wipe after a wet, muddy walk and your collar and lead looks brand new again.

  • Natural Dog Treats

    At the moment there is a bulk load of commercial treats on pet food isles but 99.9% of them aren’t healthy for dogs long term, they all contribute to dental injuries, blockages, perforations, obesity and diabetes! So we wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about “safer” treats for long term feeding, see this list below: Moonbone Pizzle Puffed Chicken Feet Duck Necks Venison Sausages Blackpudding Sausages Puffed Pig Snout Furry Rabbit Ears Rabbit Hides with Fur Cow Ears Pigs Ears Been Tendons Venison Tendon Porkie Bites Beef Wand Now these may look like ingredients for a witches cauldron but we can assure you these treats are far superior health wise than any commercial treat and are fully digestible, these aren’t without risk and monitoring is always encouraged especially if your dogs a gulper or aggressive chewer. All our treats are responsibly and ethically sourced from DEFRA registered suppliers. We do not bulk buy from China - these treats are cheaper but most definitely not worth the saving. Thankfully there are stores like Raw Galore Ltd who sell treat boxes, in fact the above list is an example of what they sell, these are retailing at £15. To grab yours click here:

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  • | Raw Galore

    Let's get together ​ Success! Message received. SEND address RAW GALORE LTD 26 TUDOR ROAD HAMPTON TW12 2NQ ​ T - 020 8941 7437 E - ​

  • Raw Meat Pet Food | Greater London | Raw Galore

    WELCOME TO RAW GALORE ​ ​ Contact Us WHAT WE DO ​ Our main aim is to provide your pet with a healthy natural diet and treats. We are an independent, family-run business; our main aim is to provide you with a perfect range of products for your pet. Our business isn’t sales driven, it is about delivering happiness to you and your pet. Instead, we’re focused on ensuring you have all the information and guidance you need to make informed choices about your pet’s diet. We specialise in all natural food, treats & supplement's for your pets. We solely stock raw complete meals & DIY items. Your satisfaction is very important to us. ​ Our mission has always been to offer a natural approach to pet care and promote better nutritional health for our pets. We handpick each supplier ourselves, so you can trust that every item has been chosen for its outstanding quality. Your pet's are our passion. We know that every pet is an individual and have worked with owner's who's pets have IDB, allergies, pancreatic issues and more. We offer a wide selection of products that are ideal for pets with health issues, because we appreciate this is often quite difficult to find. ​ We have a genuine love for animals and we work a lot with rescue dogs. If the rescue dog is suitable for our home environment we work along side rescue's with fostering dogs or advising natural remedies where possible. We are more than just a pet store; we do as much as we can to help animals in need. Every Christmas we donate treat packs & meals to the RAF police & military working dogs to give our 4 legged hero's a Christmas they deserve. ​ We are not vets or animal health professionals but we are very passionate about your pets health. We have years of experience feeding our own beloved pets on a raw and natural diet. ​ BENEFITS OF A RAW DIET The best for your furry friends Here at Raw Galore Ltd we work on the principle that dogs and cats are carnivores designed to eat raw meat and bones. Before they were our pets they lived on a diet of raw food and chose their own natural supplements. This means that their teeth, jaw structures, stomach acid PH and digestive system were made for the products that we supply. A raw diet is a tasty, naturally nourishing and extremely beneficial diet for our beloved furry friends. A higher percentage of food is digested so less waste resulting in less frequent, smaller and less smelly poo. They benefit from shiny coats, fresher breath, cleaner teeth and most of all they are happier, healthier and more energetic. The natural raw diet ranges that we offer are beneficial to pets with sensitive digestive systems or food intolerances. Probiotics are fantastic for gut health and for getting your dog’s stomach ready to transition from a processed/kibble based diet to a fresh, raw diet. Specifically raw unpasteurised goats milk & Kefir are great probiotic and contains lots of lovely healthy bacteria to set your dog up well. These healthy bacteria also need feeding so it’s a good idea to add in some fresh fruit & vegetables too. Pumpkin is a great addition to your pet's diet, this is also a great aid for an upset stomach. We have personal experience with how this natural way of feeding helped our beloved pets, including helping to cure a long term skin irritation and pancreatitis. HELP & ADVICE Always Available We can provide help & advice with changing your pet to raw feeding, food intolerances and natural supplements that could help your individual pet's needs. We were new raw feeders once and have learnt along the way. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us as we would be happy to help. RAW GALORE Door to Door We offer deliveries within 5 miles of our shop in Hampton, Middlesex for a small additional charge. We are also happy to arrange collections outside of our normal opening hours. Please just contact us and we will try our utmost to accommodate your request. NATURAL PRODUCTS Keep it Natural A healthy, varied raw diet should always come first, we offer a wide range of natural supplements to complement this. We supply supplements to complement our food range and also to treat specific aliments, e.g. joint & ligament pains, digestive problems, skin issues etc. Even our grooming products are made from natural materials. ABOUT US HEALTHY MEAL PLANS GET STARTED TODAY FOOD CALCULATOR "I highly recommend Raw Galore. All of the staff members are extremely professional, have excellent communication skills, and provide great service. I wouldn’t choose any other Raw Dog Food Delivery Service." Riley Jones WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU Send Your details were sent successfully!

  • | Raw Galore

    PRE-ORDER THE DOG'S BUTCHER NOW Please contact us with a pre-order for late next week. Make sure you state flavour's and quantity. #exciting Success! Message received. Send

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