A slightly finer mince ideal for puppies but suitable for feeding to dogs of all ages.

With various cuts including British Prime Beef Chunks, Organic Chicken carcass, British Beef Tripe and Organic Beef Liver, Kidney & Spleen making up a balanced and varied mince ideal for growing pups. Compostable tub & sleeve.


25%  Organic British Chicken Carcass
 40%  British Beef Prime Meat Chunks
 25% British Beef Tripe (green tripe)
 5% Organic British Beef Liver
 5% Organic British Beef Kidney/Spleen


Moisture 61.5, Protein 17.8, Fat 14.9, Fibre 1.69, Ash (inorganic matter) 1.95

Multimeat – Puppy (500g) Naturaw