Take the top off the applicator bulb and using the cut-out and fold funnel provided inside the box, fill it with the Max & Lucy sachet provided.

Suitable for all sizes and breeds of dog, one sachet contains all the powder you need for 5 to 7 cleans of a large dog, or 15 to 20 cleans of a small dog.

Suitable for other pets (but not recommended for cats).

Puff the bulb over the dog’s coat, keeping it upright so air can escape.

With the powder evenly spread, brush or massage into the fur.

The powder brushes out, taking the dirt with it.

Give your dog a cuddle and breathe in the fresh fragrance of Max & Lucy!

For a natural fresh smell, puff powder in pet bedding area or wherever pet odour lingers.

Max & Lucy Dry shampoo powder orange & lemongrass essential oils

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