Irresistibly chewy natural chews for your dog, Jaspers Choice EXOTIC Buffalo Balls are simply air dried Buffalo testicles, sourced from only trusted suppliers and hand bagged in the UK by the JC team to ensure quality, every time!

A great addition to a healthy, complete and balanced diet, Jaspers Choice EXOTIC Buffalo Balls provide a rich source of natural protein, key amino acids and essential minerals.  Highly suitable for all dogs, providing a delicious flavour they love, they contain ZERO artificial nasties, no grains or gluten, and are low in fat, helping to support good health and optimum canine condition.

Simply air dried Buffalo Testicles, sourced from only trusted suppliers
Zero nasties or additives, grains or gluten
Naturally hypoallergenic and bursting with natural nutrients
Rich in protein and naturally occurring nutrients
A leaner protein source compared to beef
Simply air dried to lock in all the natural nutrients, flavour and taste
Hand bagged in the UK ensuring the finest quality in every bag
Composition: Buffalo Testicles 100%. Nutritional Analysis: See pack for info.

JC Buffalo Testicles Exotic range 200g